I Am A Gamer, and I Oppose #Gamergate Because It Is Wrong

I won’t add many of my own words to this. I’ve not been very active about it. I tweet articles sometimes or retweet others’ thoughts. Basically, it has come down to this: For those aware of what’s been happening in gaming lately, supporting #Gamergate and not opposing it are both immoral acts. That is not to say they are equally immoral. It’s one thing to say ISIS has some good points and another to actually behead people, but they are both wrong. If you believe comparing #Gamergate to ISIS is hyperbole, you might be right but just barely because at this point #Gamergate is a terrorist organization. True, they haven’t actually murdered anyone yet, but the tactics of threatening and fearmongering are remarkably similar for a group of people claiming to be concerned with “ethics.” Anyway, I won’t say more about them myself. Below are links to articles more comprehensive and eloquent than anything I have to say. The purpose of this post is for me personally to take a stand. I want anyone who reads this, anyone who knows me to know, I am a gamer, and I oppose #Gamergate because it is wrong.



If you only read one of these, make sure it’s Felicia Day’s. She shows so clearly exactly the problem with the #Gamergate movement while expressing her usual, positive call to action attitude where so many others, myself included, can only speak negatively regarding this.

The Only Thing I Have To Say About Gamer Gate by Felicia Day

Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off by Chris Kluwe

Report from the Salt Lake Tribune regarding Anita Sarkeesian cancelling her speaking engagement at Utah State University after receiving a mass-shooting threat.

From The Guardian: Gamergate is loud, dangerous and a last grasp at cultural dominance by angry white men

How To Boycott John Scalzi For Speaking Against #Gamergate

Rape and death threats are terrorizing female gamers. Why haven’t men in tech spoken out? by Brianna Wu

And finally, a report from ThinkProgress, which I admit isn’t the best source for objective news, but they’ve done a good job with the facts about the backlash against Felicia Day. Actress Felicia Day Opens Up About GamerGate Fears, Has Her Private Details Exposed Minutes Later


2 responses to “I Am A Gamer, and I Oppose #Gamergate Because It Is Wrong

  1. I read the article by Felicia Day. I may have read it online; it seemed familiar. I am not ‘hip’ (an oldf-fashioned word) to know anything about Gamer Gate. But I like your post and the subject is timely and important. I guess life has always been violent and dangerous; which is why we naturally form groups of like minded people. Now that we are so interconnected with those with whom we never would have had any contact before the ‘net, our friend and also our foe circles are wider and also somewhat vague.  Love you!!

    • I think hers is the best one because she really gets to the heart of the issue. The problem with Gamergate is that 5% of the people identifying under the group name are being really horrible and the other 95% keep saying ‘They’re not with us.’ The problem is that the 5% are by far the loudest portion and they cloud whatever legitimate issues the others have regarding journalistic ethics. I don’t know if you’d like Chris Kluwe’s article because he’s very angry and swears a lot in it, but I think his best point is to the 95% decent people to whom he basically says, ‘Get a different name for your movement.’ I like the comparison to ISIS because although it is hyperbolic, I assume many people who are attracted to the ISIS movement are basically decent people in a bad situation who got pulled into this horrific group because it seemed like the only solution. If we wanted to go the extent of hyperbole we could say very similar things about many Germans who got pulled into the Nazi movement. The problem is, once the group gets a reputation for violence and threats it’s hard to say the good people in it aren’t somehow culpable for not distancing themselves from it. Anyway, just a few more thoughts. I really like your comment. Love you too.

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