The Futility of Misogyny

There’s been a lot news and opinions flying around about the dreadful murders which occurred in Santa Barbara last week. I’ve neglected to post anything about it on here because honestly, I felt like enough was being said already. I did decide to add my comments to another post, and while doing so I discovered one sentiment which I feel strongly enough about to share. That comment follows. The original post on which this comments is here:

The Santa Barbara Shooter Spews MRA Mind Poison Before Going On His Shooting Spree

Transcript of the shooter’s video, and the quote I take below, can be found here:

Video allegedly from mass killer in Santa Barbara: “If I can’t have you, girls, I’ll destroy you.” [TRIGGER WARNING]

Comment below:

One thing I wanted to say earlier, but felt didn’t quite fit, is how to me the saddest part of Roger’s pathetic rant was the statement, “All those girls that I’ve desired so much, they would’ve all rejected me and looked down upon me as an inferior man if I ever made a sexual advance towards them while they throw themselves at these obnoxious brutes.” This thing is entirely in the subjunctive “what if” case. This rampage was, at least in large part, motivated by entirely perceived possible future slights. I don’t know if there’s any combination of words that can accurately convey how utterly pathetic and useless this is. He didn’t even ask these girls out and give them the chance to reject him. It’s like a bad plot twist at the end of a horror film. “And then he woke up and realized the girls’ rejections were all in his head.” It’s like a bad Game of Thrones dating show where the host has to grab the idiot and tell him, “Maybe if you just asked her out you could have a nice relationship without any rape or murder.” Obviously there are far worse things we can and should focus on, like the actual murders, but this part of it just pisses me off so much for the sheer imbecility and uselessness of it all.


One response to “The Futility of Misogyny

  1. Your view has merit. This incident, which is horrendous, has been an emotional media headlines game which is also sad but how life works. Popular culture, this young man’s own life situation and problems, and other factors are involved. As onlookers we become concerned because we see how random this is, and how his emotional problems led him to act this way. So we analyze and hope to find a way to protect ourselves and others in the future. Your analysis is right on.

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