Pictures by a 26-year-old

I’ve gotten into the habit of writing letters with a few people lately. Some out of pleasure, and some out of necessity. One thing that’s been fun is to include little drawings with each letter. I am intensely proud of these drawings, in the way only someone acutely aware of their own lack of talent can be. And because I’m proud of these, and because they are hilarious and awesome, I decided to share them with you.

Pro tip: You might enjoy these more if you just pretend they were drawn by a 6-year-old instead of a 26-year-old full grown man.

This one is a black unicorn. Because unicorns are awesome, and I didn’t have any other colors. Black Unicorn

I wrote this letter on Halloween, so here’s a ghost and a pumpkin and a bloody sign.Happy Halloween

Then I realized, if I wrote it on Halloween, the recipient wouldn’t get it until it was Thanksgiving season. So I compensated.Happy Thanksgiving

Finally, because The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is coming out soon, and because I’m a fantasy nerd, I’ve had dragons on the brain lately. But because I got tired of drawing legs, this one turned into Homer the bisexual, avidly anti-tobacco chickendragon.Dragon's Are Awesome

You’re welcome.


4 responses to “Pictures by a 26-year-old

  1. these are fantastic!!! I want to save them for an archive-

  2. I just tried to leave you a comment on the actual blog, but because I don’t have a wordpress account they won’t let me ; /

    But what I said was, “You have no idea how happy that letter made me. ❤ ❤ ❤ "

    And that is true.

    Hopefully I can get a reply off to you soon. How are you holding up? Writing much lately?



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