Help a Local Indie Magazine (and my writing career) Get off the Ground

About a month ago I saw a notice on a creative writing Facebook group page. It was from a local person opening a local bookstore and publishing a local indie magazine. Basically:

If you've seen The League of Gentlemen this will make way more sense.

If you’ve seen The League of Gentlemen this will make way more sense.

The post was asking for local authors, artists and creators to submit their work for publishing consideration in the very first issue Book-it! Magazine. It’s an indie magazine set to be published in tandem with the opening of a book store in Provo, UT. The purpose of the magazine is, as stated on the indiegogo website, “to give unfinished and underpublished authors a chance to get their voice heard. I want artists to be able to get their art shown off. I want top-notch bloggers and techies to get their information and into the hands of people that have a vested interest in what’s going on in the community.”

I submitted a story, and it is now awaiting publication. That’s where you come in. The magazine is gathering stories, poetry, artwork and advertisers, but it needs a little help to get the first issue out the door. The creators have set up a previously mentioned indiegogo page, and they are asking for donations to help them out. Please, if you’ve been staring at the five dollar bill in your wallet and wondering what in the hell you could ever do with it because there’s just no good use for a five dollar bill just sitting in a wallet and where oh where will it ever find a good, caring, compassionate home . . . give that little fiver a home where it will benefit local shops and local creators and local people. Also, karma isn’t free you guys.

Check out the indiegogo page here:

You can also check out the Chapter 1 and Book-it! website here:

Finally, if you want a good laugh watch an episode of The League of Gentlemen, then come back and look at this: the_league_of_gentlemen__this_is_a_local_shop_by_rosterlu-d4y76fl


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