A Poem For Ēostre Morn’

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I’ve landed in a wondrous realm

Full of Unfug and Gaiety

The residents here revel in the most

Unmannerly of rituals, and gall to call it Piety!


Would you believe they worship a dead God

who torments leporids

splicing them with Vogel

and compels them to sacrifice their progeny to slaughter?

That the dead one may rise again and rule forever and ever. Amen.


Silly people will believe silly thoughts

But the terror of stampeding children

is more than a civilised mind can bear.


I must away at once,

return to my home

where the dead lay still as befits their station.

We do not bow to superstitions

And no cruel science contorts poor rodents.


Petty gods abound, itistrue

but my sensible kin do them no honours.


Back to home, Back to comforting sorcery,

Back to sanity, Vernϋnftigkeit!


Papa, Mother!

I’m sorry I ever ran away.

I’ll stay forever yours

and never age a day.


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