A Little Comedic Gold

I was about to write this big philosophical piece when I realized, ‘Nobody cares about that crap! Do you know what’s better than philosophy? Comedy!’

Background: I was in this German class about a year ago, and I had to take this proficiency exam. One of the activities was to write an essay about a school experience, either real or imagined. This is what I wrote, translated into English so you can all read it too.

Professor Jones

Last year I studied Archaeology at Harvard. I had this one professor, Professor Jones. He was a nice man, but a terrible professor. He missed almost half of the lectures, with no warning given and no classes canceled. When he was there he only wanted to talk about golden crosses and holy grails. Sure, his stories were interesting, but they didn’t help at all on the tests.

One day, I’d just had enough of it. I went to his office to and waited. And waited. (He also wasn’t ever in his office during his posted office hours! I mean, give me a break Professor!) Well, I waited for hours, but eventually he showed up. I had to hide when I saw him because if he had seen me there he would have just ran. I barged into his office and told him, “I’ve had enough of this! You are a TEACHER! You have a responsibility to your students! I understand you’re busy, and sometimes you can’t make it to lecture, but could you at least send an email?! It’s not like we’re living in 1939. You can even send emails from your iPad or cell phone. There is just no excuse!”

He looked straight at me for a minute. Then he climbed out the window. He is absolutely the WORST professor in the history of ever!


2 responses to “A Little Comedic Gold

  1. Well. That was a surprise ending! lol-

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